Child Nutrition Services

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Child Nutrition Services

Creating a healthy and nutritious environment that promotes learning and wellness.

Menus and Nutrition Information 
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Nutrislice App LogoLeander ISD schoolmenus, along with complete nutrition information, are available through Nutrislice

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Meal Prices

Meal Prices

Elementary Secondary A La Carte Pricing
Student Breakfast: $1.50 
Student Lunch: $2.70 
Guest Breakfast: $2.25
Guest Lunch: $3.75
Student Breakfast: $1.75 
Student Lunch: $2.95 
Guest Breakfast: $2.25
Guest Lunch: $4.00 
Middle School
High School 

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Forms and Applications

Free and Reduced Meals

LISD provides free and reduced-price meals for children approved for the National School Lunch Program. To apply for this program, submit an application online, or download, print and submit one of these forms:
2018-19 Free and Reduced Meal Application: English | Spanish
Letter to Households: English | Spanish
Free and Reduced Meal Application Directions: English | Spanish

Snack Limits

There are several snack items students may purchase that are not part of the breakfast/lunch meal and have extra associated costs. These items range in price from $.50 to $3.00. If you would like to limit the amount your child is able to spend out of their account, please use one of these forms:
Snack Limit Form: Elementary | Middle

Special Dietary Needs

If your child has special dietary needs, changes can be made to your child’s school breakfast and/or lunch at no extra charge, with the proper documentation from a physician. If your child has special dietary needs, please use this for:
Special Dietary Needs Form: English | Spanish


The Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) program at LISD elementary and middle schools promotes the maintenance of heart- healthy behaviors in children and adolescents. The four component areas of the CATCH program are:

  • School Nutrition
  • Classroom Health
  • Physical Education
  • Family Health

Wellness Policy SY 18-19 | Local Wellness Policy Assessment

More information about the CATCH program.

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