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Young Parent Services

Young Parent Services (YPS), formerly known as Pregnancy Related Services (PRS), in LISD are a combination of Support Services and Compensatory Education Home-bound Instruction (CEHI). These services are available to a pregnant student during pregnancy prenatal and postpartum periods to help her adjust academically, mentally, and physically and to remain in school. Students and parents may contact their school counselor or Bonnie Hahn (512-570-0338) for more information about the program and services available.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Pregnant student must currently attend an LISD school.
  • Pregnancy must be verified by a licensed medical doctor in the US, by a nurse practitioner or midwife, or by a school staff member.
  • Student has delivered a live, aborted, or stillborn baby, suffered a miscarriage or death of a newborn, or placed her baby up for adoption.

Support Services Available to Pregnant Student or Teen Parent:

  • Prenatal compensatory education homebound instruction as needed
  • School counseling services and consultation with Family Services Team
  • Healthcare services provided by school nurse
  • Assistance in obtaining services from government agencies and community service organizations, such as health and nutrition programs, prenatal healthcare, and assistance with completing Early Head Start childcare paperwork
  • Instruction related to knowledge and skills in child development, parenting, home and family living
  • Compensatory education homebound instruction provided during postpartum for 6 weeks beginning with date of delivery. (Student gets attendance credit as well as keeps current on her academic courses.)
  • Case management and program coordination; assistance transitioning back to school

Need more information?

Please contact the counselor at the school, or you may contact Bonnie Hahn, YPS Program Coordinator at 512-570-0338.