Evaluation Services

Servicios de evaluación

The placement of a student in special education is driven by assessment. The assessment will produce a Full and Individual Evaluation (FIE) and will assist in determining the presence of a disability and identify any educational need for specialized instruction. All students who are initially referred to Special Education must be assessed and then re-evaluated every three years after placement in special education. While the evaluation team determines the disability, the ARD committee determines placement in Special Education. The evaluation must include information from the following areas:

1.) Health - including vision and hearing and motor skills

2.) Language Skills

3.) Sociological Status

4.) Emotional/Behavioral Status

5.) Cognitive ability (GIA/IQ) and Adaptive Behavior

6.) Academic Performance

7.) Assistive Technology Needs

Each specific disability will also have an eligibility report which is unique to that student's disability. The report will also include the legal requirements for the evaluation to apply to that disability. The testing will provide additional information about the student's present levels of performance which the Admission Review Dismissal committee (ARDc) will use to develop the Inpidual Education Plan (IEP). The report will also include recommended modifications and/or accommodations for general education classes and for special education and/or other settings.

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