Theatre Arts

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Theatre Arts
Students in LISD MS Theater Arts will:
  • Acquire knowledge of and participate in the art of theatre;
  • Develop a sense of self and personal artistic vision;
  • Understand theatre’s role in culture and society throughout history;
  • Appreciate the art of theatre and its collaborative nature with all art forms.

LISD HS Theatre programs strive to develop and enhance appreciation for the arts, performance experience, and life skills in our students.

LISD takes great pride in our dynamic Theatre Arts Program. Classes offered at the high school level include: Theatre Arts I-IV, Technical Theatre I-IV and Theatre Production I-IV.

The high schools have directors and designers at the helm of each department that produce a minimum of two main stage, full-length, productions each year, one being a full-length musical. Each high school also produces a competitive UIL One-Act play, senior project performances, children’s/elementary performance projects and/or numerous other talent showcases. High schools also boasts an active Drama Club, Thespian Troupe and individual memberships in TETA (Texas Educational Theatre Association). All high schools offer opportunities for students to be involved in advanced courses in Theatre as well as scholarship auditions for college.

Theatre Arts
The Theatre I-IV and Theatre Production I-IV classes include perception, creative expression/ performance, historical and cultural heritage and critical evaluation. Through perceptual studies, students increase their understanding of self and others and develop clear ideas about the world. Theatre is an important tool for preparing students to live and work in a world that is increasingly team-oriented. Through a variety of theatrical experiences, students communicate in a dramatic form, make artistic choices, solve problems, build positive self-concepts and relate inter-personally. Student response and evaluation promotes thinking and discriminating judgment, developing students who are appreciative and evaluative consumers of live theatre, film, television and other technologies.

The Technical Theatre/Design program on the high school level encompasses perception, creative expression, set design and building, prop and costume design and creation and lighting and sound design. Students in LISD are offered countless theatrical design and performance opportunities in order to expand their knowledge and hone their craft for future college and career choices. These experiences assist the student in selecting career and avocational opportunities in theatre and film and explore the training, skills, self-discipline and artistic discipline needed to pursue them.
High Schools

Cedar Park High School Theatre
Leander High School Theatre
Rouse High School Theatre
Vandegrift High School Theatre
Vista Ridge High School Theatre

Middle Schools

Canyon Ridge Middle School Theatre
Cedar Park Middle School Theatre
Four Points Middle School Theatre
Henry Middle School Theatre
Leander Middle School Theatre
Running Brushy Middle School Theatre
Stiles Middle School Theatre
Wiley Middle School Theatre

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