Voluntary Drug Testing Program

Drug TestingThis program, which tests through oral fluids (saliva swabs) students in grades 6-12 who enroll, aims to help maintain a school environment free of drug use and its effects. The voluntary drug testing program also provides a deterrent to the use of illegal drugs by students and gives students a valid reason to resist peer influence/peer pressure.

The family request portion of the drug testing program allows parents of students in grades 6-12 to request, up to two times per school year, that their son/daughter be drug tested during the next testing at their campus. Read Drug Testing Policy.

When you consent for your son/daughter to be in the voluntary random portion of the drug testing program, your child will be included in the pool of candidates that can be tested. Due to the random nature of the program, your child may be tested twice in a row, once a year, once in four years, or any other possible combination.

The testing procedure itself takes approximately ten minutes so as to incur as little disruption as possible in the student’s learning. The drug test includes marijuana, opiates, benzodiazepines, amphetamine, cocaine, and ecstasy. Sometimes a positive test result may be due to a medication your child is taking, therefore, at the time of testing, the student is asked to list any medication s/he is taking (for example, allergy or ADHD/ADD medication). If the test result does come back positive, the drug testing coordinator will call you to confirm your child’s medication(s) and then, reverse the result to negative. If and when your child is selected to be tested results of the test will be mailed to you.

Enroll your child in either aspect of the drug testing program (En Español)
Removal from ADAPT Program

What if I want to get my child drug tested? Where can I get it done?
  • Drug testing may be conducted by a parent at home. Drug testing kits are available at local pharmacies, grocery stores, and large retail stores such as Target or Walmart.
  • LISD has a voluntary, random drug testing program for students in grades 6-12 which tests for marijuana, opiates, benzodiazepines, amphetamine, cocaine and ecstasy. There is a family or student request portion of the program as well where you or your student may call or email Mary Ann Kluga at 512.570.0315 and request that s/he be included in the next round of drug testing at his/her campus. Both the parent and student must sign the drug test consent form and return it to Mary Ann Kluga.
  • A drug test may be done at your family physician’s office.
  • If your child is on probation, a drug test may be done by a juvenile probation officer.
  • There are several drug testing labs in the area:
    • Drug Testing of Central Texas, 2000 S. IH-35, Suite #Q-8B, Round Rock 78681. (Located in Skyridge Plaza, directly behind Luby’s Cafeteria facing Old West Dr., next to Leasing Office.) 512-250-9211 (mention you are from Leander ISD and receive the discounted fee of $20)
    • Pro-Med 13831 N. Hwy 183 Austin 78757, 512-250-0424
    • Source-1 Solutions 8500 Shoal Creek Blvd Austin 78757, 512-918-3400
For more information or if you have questions, contact Mary Ann Kluga at 512-570-0315.