"Quality music, tools for life." Band

LISD MS Band Programs strive to:
  • Provide comprehensive instruction in musical skills
  • Instill personal discipline through individual practice, responsibility, organization, teamwork, time management, and a variety of performance experiences 
  • Model a mindset of the pursuit of excellence
  • Cultivate a safe, healthy and supportive environment in which students are encouraged to develop their musical and artistic skills
  • Foster a better understanding and love of music, and provide our students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become well rounded members of society.
In LISD HS band, students learn about and experience the joy of preparing and performing music through a wide variety of rehearsal and performance opportunities.

Students develop a mindset of pursuing excellence in both individual and group endeavors in a safe, healthy, and positive environment.

The student’s immersion in the discipline of music and music practice provides a catalyst for self-expression, greater sensitivity to others, creativity, and persistence, and allows him/her to experience the satisfaction of both the process of music-making and the final product.

Band begins in the sixth grade and continues through high school. If a student has not participated in the sixth grade but is interested in joining the band, check with the middle school director. Beginning band participation at the high school level is generally not available. Each high school band program also offers Color Guard. Color Guard is a performing ensemble that compliments the marching band production. During the 2nd Semester the Guard enters the Winter Guard season upon learning a choreographed production performed at various venues through that semester.