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Current Substitutes

Need to Change your personal information?
Please submit the Employee Information Form to change your personal information.
*Note: To change your legal name, the Substitute Office must see your updated Social Security card.

Change for Direct Deposit Information
Please complete the form on-line, print it, sign it and send to LISD Substitute Office.

Change of W-4 Form Please complete, print and sign the form and send to LISD Substitute Office.

Request for Service Record and Verification of Substitute Service and Salary (TRS Form 225)
E-mail your request to substitute.office@leanderisd.org and include years employed as a substitute.

Substitute Pay Rate
(Board approved June 15, 2017)
Substitutes are paid $85.00 a day and $42.50 for half day assignments.
*Substitutes who commit to a long-term instructional assistant assignment do not receive long term pay. 

2017-18 substitute pay rates


​10 Days or Less

Full Day/Early-Release Day

​11-29 Days

Full Day/Early-Release Day

​30+ Days

Full Day/Early-Release Day

Instructional Assistant
 ​$85 ​$85   ​$85





​Clinic Health Aide













*Long-Term substitutes must meet NCLB “Highly Qualified” status in the area in which they are subbing. LISD will review each substitute’s undergraduate degree and complete the appropriate paperwork to reflect areas in which s/he can do long-term assignments. Substitutes must complete a request for Highly Qualified status (available by contacting the Substitute Office).

Compliance Training Videos 

Videos en español

For your convenience, we are employing YouTube as part of our Google suite of applications for accessing these videos. Please keep in mind that Leander ISD does not control any advertising or recommendations of content.

Resources for Subs
When using Internet Resources, be sure to thoroughly proofread any materials that you would like to use with the students to ensure that they are appropriate.

Questions about P.S.T. Account?
For any inquiries, you will need to contact JEM Resource Partners by phone at 1-800-943-9179.

Want to become a Teacher in Texas?
To find out how to become a Teacher in Texas, please refer to the State Board for Educator Certification website.

Have Questions or Need More Information?

Online Training


Absence Reporting System (AESOP)

AESOP Instructions

Campus AESOP Managers

Employee Access Instructions

Substitute Network Login Instructions

Employee Handbook (En español)

Substitute & Temporary Employee Handbook

Handbook & Video Acknowledgement

Sub Payroll Schedule 2017-18

Student Teacher to Substitute

What You Need to Know as a TRS Retiree Working for LISD!