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CPMS STORY: The wheels on the bus

CPMS STORY: The wheels on the bus
Posted on 11/02/2017
School bus

Leander ISD bus drivers go round and round to help students and families 

By Kaylee York and Macy Singleton
Cedar Park Middle School 8th-graders

Front of a School Bus“Our bus driver is the best!”

“It’s so nice how she waits for us when we’re a little late.”

“She always brings popsicles on the last day of school!”

“I love how he puts little decorations on the dashboard for different holidays!”

“It makes me feel very special whenever she announces that it is my birthday over the bus speaker.”

Cedar Park Middle School students have a lot to say about their bus drivers! Parents and guardians know that their child’s bus picks up in their neighborhood each morning. But where does the bus go from there? Every day, LISD bus drivers safely transport elementary school students to their campus before then transporting high and middle school students. 

Stop sign on a school busAfter school, the bus picks up the high schoolers and then drives over to the middle school to pick the students up. The bus then does the same three routes from the morning to drop students off in their respective neighborhoods.

It can make mornings and afternoons easier for parents and students knowing there’s always a safe way to get to and from school. Athletes and those participating in extracurricular events ride buses as well, making it easier for students, coaches and parents to get to get there safely and on time.

In conclusion, the LISD buses give students and families a great transportation option to and from school and extracurricular events. Thank you, bus drivers.