Business and Finance

The Business & Financial Services Department supports the District’s educational mission through accountable and effective management of district funds.

Business and Financial Services Staff

First Name Last Name Title Phone
Leslie Alger Fixed Assets/Inventory Accountant, Accounting 512-570-0061
Jennifer Anderson  Sr. Business Services Specialist  512-570-0603
Shanda Boatright General Ledger Specialist 512-570-0390
Becky Burt Finance Trainer, Donation and Activity Funds, Accounting 512-570-0052
Kortney Campbell Sr. Administrative Assistant, Financial Services 512-570-0145
 Liz Carmona Travel Specialist 512-570-0055
Brenda Fathalla Payroll Analyst, Payroll 512-570-0062
Darla Faulks Vendors M-Z, Child Nutrition Cash Receipts, Accounts Payable 512-570-0051
Rhonda Fuston Accounting Technician, Accounting 512-570-0069
Becky Garcia Sr. Coordinator of Finance, Accounting 512-570-0057
Deb Grimm Financial Services Specialist, Courier, Cash Receipts 512-570-0056
Suzanne Hansen Payroll Specialist, Payroll 512-570-0065
Cassandra Holmes Buyer, Purchasing 512-570-0614
Lucas Janda Chief Financial Officer 512-570-0405
Cassandra Kay Buyer, Purchasing 512-570-0611
Dana Klein Accounting Technician, Accounting 512-570-0058
Stacie Lake Payroll Specialist, Payroll 512-570-0064
Anji Little Vendors M-O, Mileage, Utilities, Major Maintenance, Accounts Payable 512-570-0418
Gage Loots Director of Purchasing 512-570-0605
Tiffany Meehan Sr. Accounting Specialist/KRONOS, Accounting
Gina Mitschke Sr. Coordinator of Budget, Financial Services 512-570-0419
Mary Ann Noble Buyer, Purchasing 512-570-0606
Dana Paulson Sr. Director of Financial Services, Accounting 512-570-0068
Lexi Price Accounting Technician, Accounting 512-570-0066
Karen Schagel Purchasing Clerk, Purchasing 512-570-0613
Molly Segrets Accounts Payable Supervisor 512-570-0060
Linda Serrano-Carlos Senior Buyer, Purchasing 512-570-0612
Nicole Thomas Payroll Supervisor, Monthly Payroll, Payroll 512-570-0063
Lisa Weaver Vendors A-L, Pro Card, Accounts Payable 512-570-0059
Connie Wheeler Controller, Accounting 512-570-0053